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The liquids  are  produced from great natural mixture of the most exquisite natural flavours essences. Whether your priority is taste or variety, we’ve got you covered. Our vape juice comes from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, so our vaping flavors are smooth and consistent. Start with some of our favorite options in the Reserve Collection, but don’t forget to check our fruit and dessert flavors before you’re done. The quality of our products enables you to savour the relaxation and most delicious moments. 

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Temperature Control

Box Mods

With a temperature control BOX MOD for your electronic cigarette you're ensured to get the perfect vape hit every time because each flavours will be matched with different temperature. This feature limits the temperature of your coil, which in turn restricts the power that heats the coil. Click to the button to See More the details of specification and learn more about Temperature Control  MODs, including coil types and setting the base resistance temperature. 

Vape Pen, e-cigarette & vape starter kits

HoneyBunnyVapor has the most affordable options on the market for those looking to buy a vape starter kit. We understand that in today’s day and age, getting into vaping can be overwhelming and confusing. Our E-Cig starter kits provide you with everything you need to get started vaping and, regardless of your skill level, we have an e-cigarette starter kit for you! Take a look at our vape starter kits or use our custom vaporizer builder to fully customize your starter kit.

HoneyBunnyVapor is an online shop, hub serving, the ever-growing and passionate vaping community in Australia. Everyone from vaping newbies to the most experienced vapers get access to the most technologically advanced electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. Our premium quality 100% Aussie-made e-liquids are offered in a large variety of flavors and are customizable for our customers' enjoyment.

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e-cigarettes and vaporizers - odor free and smoke free

HoneyBunnyVapor has a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and vape mods for every taste and budget. Vaporizers give users all the things you need and want to quit smoking: the ability to have control nicotine levels, no ash and no tar. Plus, they won't stain your teeth or leave a bad, stale taste in your mouth like a traditional cigarette. Vaping has taken the world by storm in popularity, and the options and accessories have become even more fun and varied. Whether you’re new to the vaping world or are a vape enthusiast with a modded out device, we’ve got something for everyone from starters to mods & temp control devices too.​​

Vaporizer Accessories for maintenance

Although our starter kits come equipped with everything you need to enjoy e-smoking, you’ll soon find yourself needing an extra battery, coil, atomizer, a new mouthpiece, or tank. Or perhaps the wicks on your atomizer are finally worn and you’re not getting the full flavor and benefit of your smokeless cigarette. Either way, don’t miss a beat by keeping a good stock of necessary vaporizer accessories. Our stock is quite large number of accessories for replacement and to ensure the customer keep continuous vaping in happiness.